To the King candidates,

Welcome to the world of Goetia!
  • Decide on your name!
  • Complete a Mission!
  • Summon A Demon God!
  • Organize a Party!
  • Conquer the Tower!
  • Win a battle!
  • Create your own Tower!
  • Produce items and equipments!

Decide on your name!

First, let's decide on a name you want to use in the world of Goetia.

Decide on your name

The name you've entered and confirmed here is unchangable, so think carefully.

Complete a Mission!

After hearing the story from Lemegeton, you will be moved to your Headquarters.

Before moving on to completing your first mission, this section will describe the information displayed at the top part of the Headquarters screen.

Headquaters Screen

① Your Player Name
② Current amount of AP. AP is required when attacking the Tower. 1 AP is recovered every 30 minutes, and the maximum is 20.
③ Current amount of Power. You can use Power to buy a variety of useful items and functions.
For more informaton, please visit the guide: [Power Functions]
④ Current amount of Sh. Sh is a type of currency in Goetia.
⑤ Current amount of Soul. Soul is required for summoning a specific Demon God (Normal Summon) and for evolving Demon Gods.
⑥ Current COOP Point. You can earn COOP Points by teaming up with other players, however, the max points you can earn during a week is 160.
You can exchange COOP Points for useful items in the Shop.
⑦ Current Moon Age. There are 5 types of Moon Age: New Moon, Crescent Moon, Half Moon, Day 10th Moon and Full Moon. Each Demon God will hold a Moon Age.
For more information, please visit the guide: [Demon God Info]

Mission Button

You can find the [Mission] button at the upper left of the Headquarters Screen.
The [!] mark means there are missions that you can complete, why don't you give it a try!

Receiving the rewards

Missions listed with a [Clear] icon, you can successfully complete and receive rewards by clicking on [Receive Rewards].
Rewards that can be received when completing each Mission are listed in the "Reward" column.

New Mission

By completing [Meeting with Lemegeton], a new mission [Summon "Argenti"] has been added.
Like this, you can advance in the storyline by completing Missions. So be sure to keep your eyes on it!

Next, we'll move on to Summoning.

Summon A Demon God!

After completing the first Mission, you received an item to summon a Demon God.
The Demon God will serve under you and fight against Tower Monsters in the Tower.
First, let's go ahead and summon Argenti.

Summon Button

Click on the [Summon] button on the top Menu of the Headquarters Screen.

Summon Screen

Click on the [Normal Summon] Button

Normal Summon List

In Normal Summon, with the necessary amount of Soul and items, you can select a specific Demon God to summon.
Now you can summon Argenti, choose her to summon.


After you've summoned Argenti, let's go back to the Headquarters screen and complete the [Summon "Argenti"] mission.

Other summon functions aside from Normal Summon, uses specific items (Gems) to summon random Demon Gods.
These summon functions will be released as you advance in the storyline.

For more information about Demon Gods acquirable from each Summon function including their Rarity and Summon Rates, please visit: [Summon]

Organize a Party!

Once you've summoned 3 Demon Gods, you must be thinking... let's head to the Tower! But wait, before that, let's go through some explanations about how to organize a Party first.

Organize party

Click on the [Demon God] button on the top menu of the Headquarters Screen, then choose [Organize Party]

Party List

Choose a Party that you want to organize.


Demon Gods assembled in the party will be displayed on the left, and the list of Demon Gods in your possession is displayed on the right.
In this example, we will remove Argenti (Rikiru) then add Andrealphus (Botein) to the Party
Click on the [Remove] button below Argenti.


Click on Andrealphus on the right to add her to the party

Complete organizing the party

Click on the [Confirm] button to complete the party organization.
Be sure to click on [Confirm] to save the changes you made to a party, otherwise all changes will be lost.

※It is not possible to put the same Demon God in multile parties.
※The order of Demon God only affects the standing position in battles, it does not affect anything else like the amount of damage dealed.

Conquer the Tower!

After organizing a party, you're ready to enter the Tower.

Attack button

Click on the [Attack] button on the bottom menu of the Headquarters Screen.

Choose Tower

Click on [Hamal Grasslands]

Choose Attack Destination

①Choose your Attack Destination from the left side of the screen
②Necessary AP to attack, maximum number of players, Time Limit and Rewards are displayed
③When clicking on the [Confirm] button, the screen will change to select your attacking party.

Choose Attacking Party

Once you have selected the attacking party from the left side of the screen, click the [Start] button in the lower-right corner to depart to the Tower.

Inside the Tower

First, about the general information shown on the screen once you enter the Tower.

Tower Explanation

①Name of the Tower, EXP that will be gained once you've successfully conquered the Tower, number of Tower Monster Symbols, number of Treasure Symbols and the remaining time.
②If you feel that the current Tower is too difficult, use the [Give Up] button here, and you can return to the Headquarters.
③Parties participating in the current Tower Conquest will be displayed.
④Change the display magnification of the Tower, click on it if you want to have a look at the entire Tower map. There's three levels of magnification.

Inside the Tower, it is a grid-like map with many points, you can move to a different point by clicking on it.

Movable location

Points you can move to will have a green mark, as in the above image.

Next, I will introduce the various symbols inside the Tower, starting with Tower Monster

Tower Monster

Tower Monster

They are monsters living inside the Tower to prevent the Tower from being conquered.
By defeating them, there's a chance of [Dominate] and rare items being dropped.

※[Dominate] is putting the Tower Monster under your control. For more details about it, please visit [Dominate & Combo]


Treasure Symbol

You can get items and materials neccessary for producing equipments from these treasures.
Try and collect as many as you can before conquering the Tower.



Recovers HP and MP for all members in the same Tower.
Let's put these in good use to assist your Tower Conquest.

Tower Conquer Point

Tower Conquer Point

Your objective is to reach this point within the time limit to conquer the Tower.

Once you've conquered the Tower, the exploring results will be displayed.

Search Result

①The level of the Demon God after the EXP gained is added.
②Treasures that you obtained from the Tower.

This is all for the Tower Conquering Guide.
Please visit the [Alliance Battle - Raid Battle] guide for more information on different types of battles.

Win a battle!

Now let's go over a very important factor in order to conquer towers, Battles.

Battle Screen

①You can check the Demon God's status and control their actions. HP is their Health, they will be [Knocked out] (unable to take any actions) in the battle when it reaches 0. MP is needed for using Abilities.
※When you win a battle with a Demon God knocked out, she will be revived with 1 HP and MP restored to the amount when she was knocked out.
② Demon Gods can take action once the Link Gauge is fully charged.
While the Link Gauge is charging, you can only change the [AUTO] status.
※Demon Gods set as [AUTO] will automatically choose her own actions in battle. Initially when a battle starts, [AUTO] will always be enabled.
③In case you want to directly choose your Demon God's actions, disable the [AUTO] mode. Once they're able to make actions after the Link Gauge charges, their Normal Attack/Ability List will show up.
④Choose a target for the attack or ability of the Demon God.

Command Part

➄In case there are multiple Demon Gods that can act at the same time, you can switch among them by clicking here.
Demon Gods with [AUTO] mode disabled will wait for your orders, which makes it possible to for instanance, attacking with one while caluculating ability usage timing for another.
➅Displays MP cost when using the ability. If the Demon God doesn't have enough MP, the ability can not be used.
➆Displays the cool down time in seconds for an ability. The ability cannot be used again until the cool down reaches 0.

Defeat Condition

Defeat Condition

There are 3 Defeat Conditions
①Time limit has been exceeded
②Give Up via the [Give Up] button
③All Demon Gods' HP reaches 0


Using abilities in battles causes various effects.
Now, I'll go over the effect icons and their details.

Attribute Icon

There are eight types of Attributes: "Blunt", "Slash", "Pierce", "Wind", "Fire," "Water," "Light," "Dark".
I'll explain by using the Attribute Atk Up icons for each attribute.

Attribute Atk Up

Blunt Atk Up Indicates that Blunt Attribute attack power is increased. Fire Atk Up Indicates that Fire Attribute attack power is increased.
Red colored circle expresses the Fire Attribute.
Slash Atk Up Indicates that Slash Attribute attack power is increased. Water Atk Up Indicates that Water Attribute attack power is increased.
Blue colored circle expresses the Water Attribute.
Pierce Atk Up Indicates that Pierce Attribute attack power is increased. Light Atk Up Indicates that Light Attribute attack power is increased.
Yellow colored circle expresses the Light Attribute.
Wind Atk Up Indicates that Wind Attribute attack power is increased.
Green colored circle expresses the Wind Attribute.
Dark Atk Up Indicates that Dark Attribute attack power is increased.
Purple colored circle expresses the Dark Attribute.

Next, I'll introduce some icons about Attribute Atk Down, Resist Up/Down, Continuous Damage

Attribute Atk Down

Blunt Atk Down Indicates that Blunt Attribute attack power is decreased. Fire Atk Down Indicates that Fire Attribute attack power is decreased.

Attribute Resist Up/Down

Slash Resist Up Indicates that resistance against Slash Attribute damage is increased. Water Resist Up Indicates that resistance against Water Attribute damage is increased.
Pierce Resist Down Indicates that resistance against Pierce Attribute damage is decreased. Light Resist Down Indicates that resistance against Light Attribute damage is decreased.

Continuous Attribute Damage

Continuous Wind Damage Indicates that the target is receiving continuous Wind Attribute damage. Continuous Dark Damage Indicates that the target is receiving continuous Dark Attribute damage.


Speed Up Indicates that Action speed in increased. Speed Down Indicates that Action speed is decreased.

Action Limits

Silence Indicates that you are unable to use any abilities. Stun Indicates that you are unable to make any actions.
Bind Indicates that you can not evacuate from battle.

HP・MP Recovery

HP Regeneration Indicates that HP is gradually restoring. Inhibit Regeneration Indicates that the regenerative ability is inhibited.
MP Regeneration Indicate that MP is gradually restoring.


Critical Up Indicates that critical rate is increased. Drain Indicates that a HP absorb effect is added to Melee Attacks and Abilities.
Counter Attack Indicates that a counter attack may occur against single target damage at a certain rate. Shield Skin Indicates that certain amount of damage will be prevented.
Decay Indicates that incoming damage is increased. Decay Level 5 There are 5 levels to the damage increase, with 5 being the most increased.

Create your own Tower!

By placing tower monsters and facilities in your Tower, you can collect resources and materials and also enhance your Demon Gods.
Try and customize your own tower once you've dominated tower monsters and/or acquired facilities.

※The enhanced status will not be reflected in the Demon God detail screen accessible from your headquarters. You can only check during your Tower conquest.
※[Dominate] is putting the Tower Monster under your control. For more details about it, please visit [Dominate & Combo]

Create Tower

Click on the [Create Tower] button on the top menu of the Headquarters Screen, then choose [Edit]

Edit Tower

Choose the red grid to place dominated monsters. Choose the yellow grid to place facilities.
First, let's try and place a monster in your tower.

Edit Tower

Click on the red grid, a list of dominated monsters will be displayed.
The status and value displayed under the monster will be the enhancement reflected to your Demon Gods during your Tower conquest.
When you place a Blue Slime, your Demon Gods will be enhanced with: Fire Defense+5, Water Defense+5, Wind Defense+5

Let's go ahead and click on the Blue Slime to place it in your tower.

Placing Blue Slime

①You can see the Blue Slime that was placed.
②After being placed, you can see the status enhancement effect of Blue Slime: Fire Defense+5, Water Defense+5, Wind Defense+5 being displayed.

Next, let's try and place a facility

Facility List

The same way as Tower Monster, choose a facility you wish to place and click on it.

Soul Plant

You can acquire resources from these by clicking on the facility once it has produced at least 1.

Remove Monster/Facility

To remove a Monster/Facility placed in your tower, choose the Monster/Facility in the [Edit] screen.

Blue Slime

Click on the [Remove] button to remove the selected object.

That's about it for creating your own Tower.
Placing a set of specific monsters in your tower will establish a [Combo]. Combos will add additional enhancement effects to your Demon Gods. For details, please visit [Dominate & Combo].

Produce items and equipments!

Resources obtained from Tower conquests and facilities in your Tower can be used to produce items and equipments.
First I'll describe the method of producing items.

Item Production

Click on the [Item] button on the top menu of the Headquarters Screen, then choose [Production].

Item Production Screen

①Select an item that you wish to produce from the left side menu.
②You can check the description, necessary cost and materials for the item.
③Select the amount to produce.
④Click on the [Produce] button.

Steps to produce equipments is similar to producing items.

Equipment Production

Click on the [Equipment] button on the top menu of the Headquarters Screen, then choose [Production].

Equipment Production Screen

Select an equipment that you wish to produce from the left side menu.

※Equipments have a level requirement for a Demon God in order to equip the item. It will be unequipable if the Demon God hasn't reached the required level.

King candidates, lets save the world, try your best!