Charge Functions available in [Goetia - the Infinite Tower]

Charge Function

Shop Expand

Using Power, you can buy a variety of useful items and functions.

Useful items can be purchased from the [Shop], and some can be purchased directly from where you'll be using it.
(Purchased items will be added to [Treasure])

Some game functions can be expanded if they have an [Expand] button.

※Power: in-game currency which can be purchased with credit cards or other payment portals.

Charge Function List

Functions require Power to use

Function name Descriptions Maximum usage Power required
Chain Red Moon Summon(Symbols Summon)

Performs [Chain Red Moon Summon] which executes [Red Moon Summon] 11 times.
Learn more about different types of summon and available Demon Gods from here

※[Chain Red Moon Summon] summons Symbols of Demon Gods which can be used to acquire Demon Gods using function in [Symbol] tab available in Normal Summon.(There is no limit on maximum amount of Demon God Symbol)

No Limit 5,000

Items stored as [Treasure]

Item Name Explanation Power
Red Moon GemRed Moon Gem

You can perform a [Red Moon Summon]. Red Moon Summon will summon a random Demon God.
Learn more about different types of summon and available Demon Gods from here

※[Red Moon Gem] is an expendable item.
※You can also directly use 500 Power to perform [Red Moon Summon].

Disenchant ScrollDisenchant Scroll

Used to remove an enchantment effect from an equipment. It frees a Seal slot to add a different enchantment.

※[Disenchant Scroll] is an expendable item.
※This is NOT an item to increase the number of Seal slots.

7 Disenchant Scroll7 Disenchant Scroll

Buy 7 [Disenchant Scroll].

Current amount of [Disenchant Scroll] + 7 [Disenchant Scroll]

Red Moon ElixirRed Moon Elixir

Increase EXP, rare drop rates, and domination rates, by 1.5 times for 10 sortie times. A sortie time is counted whenever a dungeon is cleared, player escaped from dungeon or defeated, and dungeon time out.

※ The sortie time will be counted whenever player is backed from dungeon to Headquarters. (The sortie time will not be counted when a player defeated in Co-op mode, because player returned to Tower World Top when defeated in Co-op mode)
※ The effect of last use elixir will be prioritized and override previous effects. The effects could not be accumulated by using multiple elixirs.
※ Increased rates of rare drop and domination are probabilities. The effect of the elixir does not guarantee rare drops, or domination.
※ The effects of this elixir will only be applied to player who use the elixir even in Co-op mode.


Functions expandable with Power

Function Name Explanation Purchase Limit Power
Rename Change the name of Demon God randomly. No limit 20
Expand Demon God Slots Current max Demon God slots +6. 20 times 100
Expand Party Slots Current max Party slots +1. 8 times 100
Expand Item Warehouse Current max item warehouse capacity +25. 5 times 100
Expand Equipment Warehouse Current max equipment warehouse capacity +10. 5 times 100
Expand Market Slots Current max market exhibition slots +2. 5 times 200


  • Power can only be used in the speficic Tower of Goetia game server it was purchased for.
  • Expiration date of Power is 6 months since the date of purchase.
    (6 months counts from the date of purchase until the last day of the month after five months) (probably dont need this part unless we're adding the rule)
  • Detailed Terms of Use is posted here. Please confirm before purchasing.

Notes before purchasing

  • In case of juvenile, a prior consent from their legal representatives is required for making any purchase of Power. (probably dont need this part unless we're adding the rule)
  • Purchased Power cannot be returned/refunded.
  • Bonus Power is added for one-time payment, not accumulative payment.
  • Please note that Power will be invalid for deleted or banned accounts.
  • Power cannot be used on multiple game servers or transferred among them.