Goetia - the Infinite Tower: Frequently asked questions

Operating environment ralated

Compatible Web Browsers/Flash Player

Operating environment WindowsInternet Explorer、Firefox

Latest versions

Flash Player Adobe Flash Player 18 and above
Screen Size 1250 x 700 and above recommended
Internet Connection Fiber Internet recommended

※Please use the latest Adobe Flash Player. You can download it here


You can not play the game on iPhone. It is possible to play on PC only.
Please play in the browser with latest version Flash Player.

I cannot play on Firefox

Some add-ons might be incompatible or conflict with Flash, causing it unable to run.
Please deactivate them or try other browsers. If the problem still occurs, please contact us.

Game screen does not display/ Display half screen

Please check the [Display] of the WEB browser.
If it is not shown 100%, you have to zoom out/zoom in the game screen.
In addition, the required resolution for the game is 1250x700.

Login related

I fail to log in. The game does not start.

Registration steps:

  1. Click Sign Up button on the homepage.
  2. Enter required information and click Sign Up.
  3. Read game's terms carefully and click Agree.
  4. Registration completed. You can log in and play the game now.

I can not access to the game.

Since there is a possibility that there are extra data on the browser, please try:

  1. Clear your browser's cache
  2. Re-login
  3. Clear your browser's cookies
  4. Try other browsers

Please contact us if you are still unable to access.

Payment related

Is the game free to play?

Yes, you can play it for free. In addition, you can purchase special in-game points called [Power] to use many convenient features.

What is [Power]?

Power are special in-game points needed to use a variety of features, you can purchase from our payment portals or credit cards.