In Goetia, following summons can be performed

  • ・[Normal Summon] using [Offering] or [Demon God Symbol]
  • ・[Blue Moon Summon] using [Blue Moon Gem]
  • ・[Red Moon Summon] using [Red Moon Gem] or 500 Power
  • ・[Chain Red Moon Summon](11 times [Red Moon Summon]) using [Red Moon Offering], or 5,000 Power
  • ・[Glitter Moon Summon] or [Glitter Moon+ Summon] using Glitter Moon Fragment

There will be more new Demon Gods to summon in the future.

  • Copper
  • Copper+
  • Bronze
  • Bronze+
  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Summon Rate

Blue Moon Summon Blue Moon Summon Red Moon SummonPowerRed Moon Summon
Chain Red Moon Summon
Glitter Moon SummonGlitter Moon Summon Glitter Moon+ SummonGlitter Moon+ Summon
Copper 46.56%---
Copper+ 41.60%---
Bronze 5.40%16.60%--
Bronze+ 2.40%16.80%--
Iron 1.80%8.00%--
Steel 1.10%15.00%--
Silver 0.84%27.60%41.20%-
Gold 0.30%10.00%30.00%10.00%
Platinum -6.00%28.80%90.00%


  • ※The numbers are just probability, it's not necessary that expected value can be obtained after a numbers of summon.
  • ※There are cases that the same Demon God can be summoned in duplicate.
  • ※Because the rates are rounded to the nearest round number, there is the case that the total percentage is more or less than 100%.