Operation Policy

Concept of [Goetia - The Infinite Tower]

In Goetia - The Infinite Tower, we apply an operation policy in the purpose of creating the most pleasant environment for online game players.
To enjoy the game safely, players are required to comply with our terms of use as well as the operation policy.
Aspects which are not specified herein will be subject to terms of use of Goetia - The Infinite Tower.

※Contents of the policy may be changed, added or deleted without any prior notice and is in full force since the date of publish on the web site.


In Goetia, the following acts are prohibited:

  • Playing with multi accounts
  • Illegal use of a third-party software to interfere with the playing progress
  • Intentional sabotage behaviours at chat box and notice board
    • Having statements against public security and public decency
    • Having statements which cause annoyance to other players
    • Adding URL of other sites or having propaganda acts
    • Having statements which cause confusion or wrong understanding of the operation policy
  • Tranfer money using Market
    • Repetition of buying and selling with a price higher than the market price of a particular account to another
    • Money-raising to a specific account
    • Buying and selling at a price significantly different from the market price

In case of making prohibited acts as mentioned above, based on terms of use, players may have their data deleted without any prior notice.

Conflicts among players and playing attitude

There are many types of players participating in Goetia, so it is inevitable that some statements from other players may cause annoyance or offense to you.
And vice versa, they may have the same feelings as you.

Therefore, in order to prevent such unfortunate incidents, we would like to provide an instruction as below.
Please read this before joining the game.

Notes for using chat box and notice board

When using chat box and notice board, please pay attention to your statements which may cause annoyance or offense to other players.
Below are typical cases that you should avoid.
Please note that there may be others which cannot be specified herein.

  • Statements that have deliberate defamation against an individual, organization or race
  • Statements that have stalking native towards an individual
  • Statements that refer to obscene or pornographic content
  • Adding URL from other sites for the purpose of propaganda
  • Statements that express explicit or implicit threats to other players
  • Statements that having obscene words
  • Statements that violate public security and public decency
  • Statements that are made for the purpose of frauding or cheating
  • Statements that cause annoyance or offense to other players

Besides, we would like to list some of self-defense acts in case that you meet players with above mentioned behaviours.

  • Express your demand to that person that you do not want to see such statements
  • Ignore statements from that person
  • Ask for help from other players
  • Contact that person to reach an agreement

If those acts are made and no positive result is obtained, please send your inquiry to the operation staff.


In principle, normal disputes among players will not be interfered by the operation staff. In case of possible negative results, we may execute a temporary ban of concerned accounts for further solution.

The operation staff owns the sole right to locking accounts if there is any sign of negative trends started from such disputes.

Account Hacking

[Account Hacking] is an act of deliberately accessing a player's account by any means without his/her consent.

If such acts are declared as illegal acts by legal authorities, it shall be prosecuted by the law.
To avoid unfortunate damages on players, we would like to specify several notes as below.

  • Do not set your password as the one used in other games provided by other companies.
  • Do not disclose your password to anyone.
  • Change your password periodically.
    ※After logging in, you can change your password from [User Information] button at the top right of main screen.
  • Do not use weak passwords
  • Do not use a part of or your whole email address in the password.
  • Regularly update your software and operating system to be protected from viruses.
  • Do not share your account with anyone.
  • Log out of your account after using at public places.

In case that you find out your account has been hacked, please change your password and immediately notify the operation staff.

A check will be executed afterwards to confirm your damages. If the result is your damages occur from a hacking act, we will restore or fix the data within the availability of our means.