Game Notices

Game Notices

About Company Function

2017/01/05 03:00

Dear King candidates,

With regard to the new function: [Company] added in the maintenance, we will also introduce its guide here.

About Company

· You can create new/ join a Company after completing the main story mission [Mesarthim Mines VI].
· Joining is possible by applying from the Company name after searching or by invitation from that Company.
· If you receive an invitation, it will be displayed in the invitation list and you can choose whether to participate.
Invitation list will be cleared after joining a Company.

· If you disband or withdraw from a Company, Joining restriction of 24 hours from that point on will be applied.
 · All operations related to Company can be done from the "Company" button on the Headquarters right bottom menu.

 · Master authority will be transferred to other members if being inactive for 2 weeks or more since the last login of the Master.
This is the same as the link, but if there is only 1 member in the Company, it will be dissolved. Please be careful.

About Company missions

· Company missions are released only when you are in a Company.
· Mission details and achievement rewards will be shared by all Company Members.
* There are some missions that are different such as defeat random targets, but the mission rewards are shared.

· When a mission is achieved, a mail is sent and Company Points will be awarded.
· Unlike normal missions, the progress is reset at 15 o'clock every Tuesday.
Even in the uncleared state in that week, you can not carry forward the progress to next week. Please be careful.

· You can confirm Company point by expanding the information bar at the top of the Headquarters screen. Note: The remaining point shows in the expanding of information bar is currently the remaining obtainable Co-op point not Company point.

· If you join a company that has already achieved the missions for that week, Company Points for the total of the missions are automatically added at the time of participation only when the mission is not achieved by yourself during the week.
* It is not possible to carry out intentional walking around the companies or multiple acquisitions with new Company establishment and dissolution repeatedly.

· Company points earned by mission rewards can be exchanged for the following items at the Shop.
Yellow Moon Elixir (Small)
Enchant stone: Demon King Belial
◇ Enchant stone: Demon King Baal
Offering: Steel
Offering: Silver
Offering: Gold

· Note: We will be adding points that can be acquired weekly with company missions and more items that can be exchanged at Shop.

- Goetia Management Team -