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Game Notices

About Assist Function

2017/01/12 03:02

About Assist Function

Assist function is a function that set an Assisting Demon God (hereinafter referred to as "Sub") to the Assisted Demon God (hereinafter referred to as "Main"), to improve the choices of using abilities and increases in stats values.

Assist Function Condition

Assist function is released after you completed the main story mission [To the 2nd Tower World].
Those who meet the conditions can use the Assist function immediately. Also, a mission for the explanation will be added, but the contents reproduced in this mission are subjected to change in the future.

Assist Limitation

Assist Condition (Main Side)
Although there is no limit such as level, 1 Demon God is possible to set only 1 assisting Demon God.

Assist Condition (Sub Side)
The following conditions are required to become the assisting Demon God (Sub)
• The Demon God is not currently on the Exploration.
• The Demon God is not organized in a party (If it is in a party, it will be automatically removed from the party if you still want to make it assisting Demon God).
• There is no Sub Demon God in the Main Demon God.
• The Demon God is not already set as Sub.

Restriction after becoming Assisting Demon Gods
If the Demon God is set to assist, the following actions are restricted.
• It cannot be organized into parties.
• It cannot Upgrade regardless of Base or Material.
• It cannot Evolve.

Assist Benefits

Assist Benefit (Stats Value)
[Assist] will bring the following benefits:
•10% of stats value + bonus point value of the Sub are added to the "Main".
※ The added value does not include "Equipment with Enchant Stones", "Passive abilities", "Tower Monster Installation", "Astaroth Command", "Crest Equipment"

• 50% of EXP acquired by the "Main" from the Tower Worlds will be transferred to the "Sub" (Experience value of the "Main" DO NOT decrease)

Assist Benefit (Abilities)
• The "Main" can set only one ability of the "Sub" regardless of its own number, using conditions and so on.
※ It is possible to set "Skill" and "Magic". "Passive" cannot be set.
※ The set ability is located at the "bottom row".
* The passive ability effect of the Main: [(attribute name) MP reduction] is not applied to the ability set from the Sub.

Conditions to use of abilities from the "Sub"
The ability of the "Sub" can be set regardless of the number of ability slots of the "Main".
Also, there are special restrictions on using the ability:
• The weapons of the 'Main' satisfy the using condition (including cases where both Main and Sub are satisfied)
⇒ It is usable as usual

• The weapons of the 'Main' do not satisfy the using conditions, but the the 'Sub' meets the using conditions.
⇒ MP and Recast are doubled, but they can be used.

• The equipped weapons for both "Main" and "Sub" do not meet the using conditions.
⇒ Its ability can not be used even if it is set.

Example of Ability Using Condition
Below is an example of setting "Triple Star" for one hand spear "from the Sub".
Example 1) The "Main" is equipped with "One-handed spear".
⇒ You can use it as it is.

Example 2) The "Main" is not equipped with "One-handed spear" but "Sub" is equipped.
⇒ MP consumption and recast time are doubled, but it becomes usable.

Example 3) Neither "Main" nor "Sub" is equipped with a one-handed spear.
⇒ The ability is not available.

Ability Level
If you set the same ability for both "Main" and "Sub", the higher level ability will take precedence.
※ If the Main and Sub ability levels are equal, the Sub will be given priority.

[Adjustment of specific abilities set from the "Sub"]
Among the abilities set from the "Sub", for Ability that deals a stun to the enemies, "ability to revive a friend unit",  HP is adjusted after the success rate and the resurrection.

* This adjustment is applied when the "Main" meets the using conditions but it is set from the "Sub".
※ This "Main" skill does not apply this correction, it will have the same effect as before, but when the "Main" and "Sub" set the same ability, and the "Sub" has higher ability level, this correction will occur.

How to use Assist Function:

Assist can be set from the Demon God Detail screen:

Click on the "Assist" part above to select the Demon God to set,
after the selection of a Demon God, you can select an ability.

Main Demon God is able to remove Assist from the previous screen, but it can also be done from the Demon God List screen.

Moreover, after setting, it is displayed like this on the Demon God detail screen, it is possible to switch the use automatically in battle in addition to checking the skill name.

How to look at Battle Screen
The ability set as Assist is displayed with a yellow frame.
Also, only when "my main party (1st party)" use Ability set with Assist, the Sub Demon God will appear and perform the attack.