Game Notices

Game Notices

Weekly Maintenance on March 1st Completed

2017/03/02 03:00

Dear players,
The regular maintenance on March 1st for Goetia - the Infinite Tower has been completed!

Below are details of some fixes, updates, and adjustment prepared for you.

+New updates:
- Add new Demon God- Platinum Rarity: Forneus. for more details, please go to this page.

- Add new maps: 
             Tower World 3: Memory Salvage: Witch of Despair
             Ancient Tower: Trial Chamber: Third Tower World
- Add level 4 Tower upgrade (Available after cleared [Memory Salvage: Witch of Despair])
- Add BGMs to sound library.
- Update [Assist] function:
 Assist details will be shown when moused over Assist button
 Enable Assist setting from Demon God list

- Add new Event: Revelry of The Victors 

We would like to thank for your patience during the maintenance and hope for your continuous support to Goetia - the Infinite Tower.

Best regards,
Goetia Management Team