Game Notices

Game Notices

[Ended] Event: Revelry of The Victors

2017/03/02 03:00

Hello, King candidates!
Welcome to Goetia- the Infinite Tower. There’s a fantastic new world before you, ready to explore. Let's start the adventure in fine style, join us now for some new exciting events!

The events start on March 2nd, 2017 and run from 03:00 (PST).

Event 1: Special Package in Shop

Event period: March 2nd 3:00 - March 8th  23:00 PST
During the event period, you can buy the Special package: Celebration Barrel for a price of 1000 Power in Shop. Special package: Celebration Barrel contains Red Moon Gem x3, AP Medicine (5) x5, Red Moon Elixir (Large) x3.

Event 2: Imperious Ripper Accession

Event period: March 2nd 3:00 - March 8th 23:00 PST
During the event period, Platinum Demon God - Forneus  has 2 times summon rate compare to other Platinum Demon Gods.

Event 3: Revelry of The Victors

Event period: March 2nd 3:00 - March 8th 23:00 PST
Towe Destruction World Rewards:
        As the result of previous event, there are total points gained the the whole server, the following rewards will be applied to all players in the server.
World rewards details:
- Co-op mode Exp bonus +5%
- Max weekly Co-op point +80
- Event daily mission that gives Red Moon Elixir (reset on 0:00 AM)
- Event daily mission that gives 8 Red Moon Fragments (reset on 0:00 AM)
- Add bonuses to the dungeons from Base Level to Third Tower World (including new map - Memory Salvage: Witch of Despair):
  •  Increase materials drop (from treasure chests)
  •  Increase mini bosses appearance rates
  •  Increase domination rates
- Increase available items in Shop:
  • Blue Moon Gem per week limit from 3 => 4
  • Copper Demon God offerings from 10 => 15
  • Offering: Box from 3 => 4
  • Basic Chalices from 15 => 20
- Production and Upgrade cost (required sh) -15%
- Increase per day Vestige host limit 3 => 5

- Tower Destruction rewards can still be received from the T.D. windows until next maintenance March 8th.
- The event related items: Tower Destruction AP Medicine(5) and Water Spirit Jewel have been removed from reward list.
- Only Tower Destruction AP Medicine(5) has been removed from player inventory.

-Goetia Management Team-