Game Notices

Game Notices

Limited Demon God - Serene Breeze Vepar

2017/03/09 03:00

Limited Gold Demon God - Serene Breeze Vepar

Serene Breeze Vepar  is a Limited Demon God - Gold Rarity who wields Dual Blades as the weapon. Her piercing attacks are feared by the opponents. She can equip light Head-gears and equipment for Body/Arm/Legs. Serene Breeze Vepar can be obtained via all types of Summon or via this week event only. 
*Limited Demon Gods only appear in some limited events. 

Serene Breeze Vepar 's abilities:
  • Phantom Edge: Add fix pierce damage to normal attack.
  • Blast Attack: Deals Pierce damage to a single enemy. Inflicts piercing damage depending on DEX.
  • Double Thrust: Deals a 2 Hit Pierce damage to a single enemy.
  • Pierce It Through!: Deal pierce damage to a single target. The damage depends greatly on AGI.

  • Quick Step: Increase Link Gauge charge speed.