Game Notices

Game Notices

Limited Demon God - Serene Breeze Vapula

2017/03/09 03:00

Limited Gold Demon God - Serene Breeze Vapula

Serene Breeze Vapula is a Limited Demon God - Gold Rarity who wields Magic Book as the weapon. She excels at Light and Water Magics which can deal a great damage on her opponents. She can equip cloth Head-gears and equipment for Body/Arm/Legs. Serene Breeze Vapula can be obtained via all types of Summon. 
*Limited Demon Gods only appear in some limited events. 

Serene Breeze Vapula's abilities:
  • Frost Spear: Deal Water damage to a single enemy.
  • Aurora: Deals Light + Wind elemental damage to a single enemy.
  • Lightning: Deals a 3 Hit Light elemental damage to a single enemy.
  • Are you sure it dried up?: Deal Fire and Light damage to single enemy.