Game Notices

Game Notices

[Ended] A Guide to Cool Breeze Hitchhiking?

2017/03/09 03:00

Hello, King candidates!
Welcome to Goetia- the Infinite Tower. There’s a fantastic new world before you, ready to explore. Let's start the adventure in fine style, join us now for some new exciting events!

The events start on March 9th, 2017 and run from 03:00 (PST). 

Event 1: Appearance of Serene Demons

Event period: March 9th 3:00 - March 15th 23:00 PST
During the event period, Serene Breeze Vepar and Serene Breeze Vapula appear in summon.
- Serene Breeze Vepar. For more details, please go to this page.

- Serene Breeze Vapula. For more details, please go to this page.

Event 2: A Guide to Cool Breeze Hitchhiking?

Event period: March 9th 3:00 - March 15th 23:00 PST
Event Summary:
During the event period, you will be able to access to the event map: Almach Basin. When you battle there, there are chances you can get various event items. You can gather these event items to evolve Limited Demon God - Serene Breeze Vepar from Relic Rarity to Gold.
To unlock the event map, you need to clear Map Mesarthim first. Then the event mission will appear in tab Event. 

Event Area:
You need to complete each map to unlock the next one. You can start the battle in either mode: CO.OP or Solo. In case of Solo, you can bring up to 3 Parties (the same as normal dungeons).
 There are 2 types of dungeons this time. One will require Serene Breeze Vepar in the 1st Party and one does not require. Regardless of the Tower world name, they are the same except the experience value.
There is also a dungeon that is limited once a day, and it is possible to acquire event items without battles.

Please note that the enemies in event map can be dominated but it will be the same as the monster of the same graphics.
* There is no domination for monsters that have never appeared before.

New Rarity Relic and Serene Breeze Vepar:
By proceeding with the event story, item for summoning Serene Breeze Vepar can be obtained.
※ Serene Breeze Vepar can be selected from the "Relic" tab of [Normal Summon].

After summoning Serene Breeze Vepar, you can evolve her by using multiple items that can be acquired at the event maps, and at the fifth stage, she can gain 'Gold' rarity.

[Relic Rarity] of Serene Breeze Vepar can be used as the base for Upgrade, but can not be used as Material Demon God for others.
※ After the regular maintenance on Mar 15th, it becomes possible to use as material Demon God
※ There is no restriction once Serene Breeze Vepar has gained Gold Rarity.

When Serene Breeze Vepar is summoned, she will be at the final stage (except for summoning from the Normal Summon).
* Please note that the conversation in this case will be the same as if you evolved her.
* To be recorded in the Demon God Catalog, it must be evolved to "Gold" via Summon or Evolution by event items.

About Astaroth's Enchant Stone Box:
Astaroth's Enchant Stone Box can be produced with one of the event materials (these materials can be produced from the four items that can be acquired in the event maps).

Astaroth's Enchant Stone Box will be treated as Treasure Items and there is a possibility that you get various items when you use it.
*Please remember that the rarer the item, the harder it will appear.

Event-related items, and related productions will be removed in the next Maintenance.

-Goetia Management Team-