Game Notices

Game Notices

Limited Demon God - Autumn Melody Murmur

2017/03/16 04:00

New Limited Demon God -  Autumn Melody Murmur

Autumn Melody Murmur is a Limited Demon God - Platinum Rarity who wields a great hammer and specializes in dealing high damage attacks. She possesses a wide range of high level skills with very good stats of a Platinum Demon God.
Autumn Melody Murmur  can be obtained via summoning, except Blue Moon Summon only during the event week. 

Autumn Melody Murmur's abilities:
Passive ability:
Autumnal Musician: Blunt and Light Atk +35, and reduce Blunt damage type ability recast time by 15%

Shiny Swing IV: Deal Blunt and Light damage to single enemy
Annihilate VI: Deals Blunt Damage to a single enemy. Cause great damage depending on STR.
Resonance VI: Deals Blunt damage to a single enemy. Inflicts Piercing damage depending on STR.

Break Stance III: Increases damage taken in exchange for a boost in Blunt attack damage.