Game Notices

Game Notices

[Ended] Event: Music Murmuring

2017/03/16 04:00

Hello, King candidates!
Welcome to Goetia- the Infinite Tower. There’s a fantastic new world before you, ready to explore. Let's start the adventure in fine style, join us now for some new exciting events!

The events start on March 16th  2017 and run from 04:00 (PDT).

Event 1: Autumnal Musician Onstage

Event period: March 16th 4:00 - March 23rd 00:00 PDT
During the event period, Limited Demon God - Platinum rarity: Autumn Melody Murmur appears in summon.

Event 2: Glorious Light Emergence 

Event period: March 16th 4:00 - March 23rd 00:00 PDT
During the event period, Zagan has 2 times summon rate comparing to other Platinum Demon Gods.

Event 3: Sunshine Over Midsummer Sea

Event period: March 16th 4:00 - March 23rd 00:00 PDT
Event Summary:
During the event period, you will be able to access to the event map: Sirius Seashore. When you battle there, there are chances you can get event item [Piece of Sheet Music]. You can use this event item to complete events missions or produce [Music Box].
To unlock the event map, you need to clear Map Mesarthim first. Then the event mission will appear in tab Event. In the event map, clear the currently available one to unlock more new levels.

Event Area:
You can obtain Piece of Sheet Music from treasure boxes here with a probability.
Also, there is no rare drop, you can not get Enchant stones. Please note that the enemies in event map can be dominated but it will be the same as the monster of the same graphics.

Event Missions:
New event missions are added which require you to devote the event items to get rare items.

Event Production:
You can produce Music Box from event item: Piece of Sheet Music. Open the Music Box to receive various types of items including: materials for item/equipment productions, Offering: Copper Demon Gods, Enchant Stones, AP Medicine, Blue Moon Gem, Red Moon Gem.
*Please remember that the rarer the item, the harder it will appear.

Event-related items: Piece of Sheet Music, Music Box, and related productions will be removed on next week Maintenance
-Goetia Management Team-