Game Notices

Game Notices

Weekly Maintenance on March 23rd

2017/03/22 08:00

Dear players,
We are grateful for your active playing time in Goetia - the Infinite Tower. Now please note that the game will be in regular maintenance on March 23rd 00:00 PDT this week. For server down-time during maintenance, please check here.

Please be aware that login to the game will be disabled during the time. But you still can discuss Goetia - the Infinite Tower related matters on our forum and Facebook page.

Below is a brief of fixes, updates, and adjustments scheduled for the maintenance this week.
New updates:
Add unique episode for Iron Demon Gods: Iron Demon Gods
- Add more information to dungeon results
- Enable multiple usage of up to 10 of package type treasure
- Enable equipments changing of exploring Demon Gods
- Update some enemy effects
- Update game setting menu
- Add battle log setting to game setting menu

- End Event: Music Murmuring
- Add new Event: Manifested Autonomous Demonic Tower

Best regards,
Goetia Management  Team