Game Notices

Game Notices

Last dance with the Demons

2017/03/30 02:00

Dear King candidates,

We have prepared one last event for you to enjoy your time with your Demon Gods. Please confirm below for more details.

Event: Last dance with the Demons

Event Duration: March 30th 00:00 ~ April 13th 00:00 PDT

 - Increase Platinum Demon God summon rates by 3 times
 - Add one time quest that gives Red Moon Offering
 - Max weekly Co-op point unlimited
 - Increase Exp gain, materials drop, mini boss appearance rates, and Domination rates in all dungeons
 - Increase available items in shop
Blue Moon Gem from 3 => unlimited
Copper Demon God offerings from10 => unlimited
Offering: Box from 3 => unlimited
Basic chalices from 15 => unlimited
 - Production and Upgrade costs -50%
 - AP regenerate time -50%
 - Increase per day Vestige host limit (from 3 => unlimited)

It has been our great pleasure to have the opportunity to provide Goetia - the Infinite Tower service and be part of this good community.
We would like to thank you again for your continued support and hope that we will have another opportunity to serve you again.

The Goetia - the Infinite Tower Team