Privacy Safety

Privacy Safety

Appirits Joint Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as Company) fully comprehends the importance of privacy safety. As a provider of web and web system development services, we clearly define guidelines and standards of protecting and storing personal information in an genuine and accurate way, and operating authentic business.

  1. The Company totally understand the importance of privacy safety. Player information is stored and used for our sole purpose of business. Apart from force majeures, we assure such information is not used for any other purposes.
  2. The Company respects regulations, policies and rules promulgated by the applicable law of privacy safety and process.
  3. The Company applies constant operation and improvement of privacy security methods in order to limit and prevent illegal access from third parties or cases of lost, sabotaged, adjusted or disclosed information. If such unfortunate incidents occur, we will immediately build a suitable plan of future prevention.
  4. The Company shall promptly execute appropriate solutions to complaints of customers regarding their personal information in order to enhance standards of privacy safety.
  5. The Company always establish and abide by the protection system of personal information in addition to improve the maintenance and management.

Date of Issue: 1st November 2005
Date of final adjustment: 15th July 2014

Appirits Joint Stock Company
CEO Junji Wada

Regarding personal information processing

Officer in charge of managing and protecting personal information: Koichi Uoya

1.Purpose of Use

The Company uses personal information of customers in necessary limit to obtain the purpose of use as well as of business as below.

  1. Operation of Online Game

However, we may use such information without customers' consent in case of legal requests in order to protect assets or human life, especially to promote the awareness of public health or children care, cooperate with governmental agencies, local organizations, or legal entities.
Besides, the Company processes authorized personal information for operating and developing web services

2.Provide to a third party

In principle, the Company shall not provide personal information of customers to a third party. However, there are some exceptional cases as below.

  1. Case of consent given by the customers
  2. Case of legal requests
  3. Case of protecting assets or human life with lack of condition to obtain consent of the customers
  4. Case of being authorized to process personal information in necessary scopes for the purpose of use
  5. Case of cooperating with governmental agencies, local organizations, or legal entities and the acquisition of customers' consent may affect the completion of operation


In case that customers express demands of removing their personal information stored by the Company, after verifying the legitimate owner of such information, we will reply in prompt time.

4.Adjust - Delete

In case that customers want to adjust, add or delete their information stored by the Company, after verifying the legitimate owner of such information, we will execute the adjustment, addition or deletion of information in prompt time.